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GRACE CHILDREN HOME is the primary programme of the Hope for Future Charitable Trust (HFFCT). While it serves as an umbrella ogranization for a small number of nominally funded Community Outreach Programmes, the primary focus of HFFCT organization remains the children.

About the Orphanage:Grace Children Home

Our main objective is to provide basic needs to all the beneficiares of the trust without any discrimination toward caste,creed,class,religion or race.

The sad truth about orphanages in India is that most of the children are not orphans. The majority of children arrive on the steps of orphanages through an all-too-common set of tragic circumstances: victims of abject poverty, abuse, total neglect, and complete abandonment. All but one of the orphans at HFFCT fall into this category.

Grace Children's home offers a place of shelter and safety for these "orphans". All the children are housed, clothed, fed, educated, and provided with school necessities such as supplies, uniforms, and transport fees. But, most importantly, they are given a family; they become family. Only through the realization of this unconditional acceptance and love are children able to grow in a truly healthy manner.

At present Children home in Chennai has 25 children and 3 full time & 2 part time staff members.The orphanage occupies a rented house which gets smaller by the day as the number of destitute children continues to grow. Grace Children Home would like to accommodate many more but without the means to do so it simply is not possible.

The Trust caters primarily to the need of the following deprived areas: Poonjeri Village, Mamallapuram, Kadumpadi and Thirukazhukundram located in the Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu, India.

Ongoing Needs

The most pressing need of the orphanage would be independent land and building. Rents are going higher and higher and it would now make more sense to construct our own accommodations. We also have ongoing needs for beds, cots, a van or large vehicle for transport, computer, musical instruments, and any other item you think would promote the growth and development of the children.

Future Plans
  • Sponsorship of needy children to avoid enterting the labor force prematurely
  • Child Adoption Center
  • DayCare Center
  • Housing for HIV/AIDS affected persons and/or their orphaned/deserted children
  • Housing for the elderly and widows
  • Create rural development programme to assist farmers in need of equipment
  • Rehablitation programmes for the differently abled
  • Community programme to teach income generation to the poor
  • Community awareness programme to benefit the tribal people
  • Vocational training programmes
  • Extracurricular youth programmes

How to Donate or Sponsor  A Child / Children Profile

HFFCT relies solely upon donations to survive. If you'd like to join in our efforts to create a lasting environment and permanent home for Hope for Future then please visit Donations and Sponsorship to learn more about how to donate or become a special sponsor to a child.

For more of HFFCT efforts to help their community visit:

HFFCT Community Outreach Programmes

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