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We are a team of committed persons from different walks of life who have dedicated our efforts to the uplifting of the children....


We are very proud of our School Project. We selected 10 children from nearby villages who were suffering due to the loss....

Children's Home

Children's Home (HFFCH) is the primary programme of the Hope for Future Charitable Trust (HFFCT)...

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Hope for Future Charitable Trust's primary focus is the Children's Home if for no other reason than that its needs are so great. While the Trust endeavors to support other community-based efforts to assist the destitute and needy, the greatest single need is the support of the Children's Home. With the assistance of generous donors the orphanage was able to move from a small single-room house into larger living quarters a little more than a year ago.

Still, we are constantly faced with the unpleasant task of turning away kids in need since we lack the space and funding to support them. Now, with the orphanage coming up to it's 10 th Anniversary, the greatest desire of all is to create our own living space free from the burden of constantly rising rents.

It grows increasingly expensive to cover monthly overheads costs; India has endured astronomical rates of inflation which are clearly evident in our escalating rents which have increased more than 500% since Hope for Future Charitable Trust's inception. We are now looking to find a way to create a stable living environment for more than 25 children and this would mean that we independent land and housing or otherwise we will be forced to move year after year in an effort to find lower rent quarters which equates to lower living standards which equates to the government penalizing us by closing our doors. This is a scenario we are trying very hard to avoid and through continued donations and support from the good-hearted individuals we have been so fortunate to have encountered through the years we trust we will succeed in continued support for the kids.

Children's Home wishes to continue to expand and offer a safe place for children in need and we look to donations to make that happen. We have been very fortunate so far in that our needs are getting met. But our needs also change and, hence, we have launched our "Building on Hope" project. We are climbing toward our goal little by little to achieve enough money to buy land and build living quarters for the children. The project will also provide quarters for staff and my own family to create a stable and loving environment for our children. Please participate in helping to build a better future, one full of hope, for the kids of Children's Home.

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Kindly we request you to support our sacrificial service by donating on the form of cash,Cheque,Demand Draft, or voluntering is welcome.Also we are very happy to collect and use the used things which is in good condition for the welfare of poor and needy.For example books for our library,computer or laptop,music instruments,LCD projector...etc.For the donation we will provide you the proper receipt.

Cheque and Demand Draft can be on the name of "Hope for Future Charitable Trust"

Thanking you.
Regular Support
Dear Friends we are in need of regular monthly support to continue our service in children home.Kindly supprot our sevice to help many more children.Thanking you.

Our Needs
We have high hopes to acquire land & building so we may create a own permanent place to help our children grow and to continue to offer assistance, housing, and care to those in need.
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